Halloween Curse Book

These spell/curse books are great for adult Halloween party decor. I'd seen other spell books online and this idea popped into my head and I had to make it. It's not hard, not expensive and it was a ton of fun to do. So let's get to it! A lot of the supplies came from... Continue Reading →

Halloween Potion Bottles

I don’t have any little kids anymore, but I still love to decorate for Halloween. It’s so fun! You can make it funny, & goofy or you can make it scary & creepy. I tend to lean towards scary & creepy but I’ve done some funny/goofy stuff too. This post is going to explain how... Continue Reading →

Painted Frames- Opt. 3

Option 3 is different in that it uses 3 paint colors instead of 2. It's certainly possible to use more than 3 colors. Using 3 or more colors gives the impression of more age and layers of paint used throughout the life of the piece. It can be done with (Option 2) or without glue... Continue Reading →

Painted Frames- Opt. 2

Painted Frames- Option 2: Option 2 calls for the use of the Elmers Glue All. Choosing your option comes after you’ve painted the first coat of paint on the frame. This option needs to go a little quicker than Option 1. Supplies are basically the same as Option 1, except for the addition of the... Continue Reading →

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